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THANK YOU to everyone who crossed bridges, sat in traffic and filled Studio 16,

to Vancouver Fringe Festival and Ryan Yee, our incredible tech director.

And thanks to everyone who attended our November performance at Har El.

Please join us on Friday, May 12, 2023 at 7:30pm for a special Mother's Day performance

at West Vancouver Memorial Library.

This is a free event.

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Mothers on Ink

Mothers. We all come from one.

Whether she was who we wanted her to be or someone completely different.

She was human. And so are we. 


In Mother Tongues, six women take to the stage to explore the language and voices of 

who we come from and the lasting impact of both having and being a mother.


Heart wrenching, funny, raw and real, these stories flip the myth of the Good Mother 

and hope to open a dialogue to redefine what it means to be a mother. 


All of the women on stage shared their deeply personal stories that were well written & presented beautifully! I was equally moved by each of them. I admired their honesty & bravery and found it very therapeutic. It was an amazing show & one I would definitely want to see again!

Maureen Wiseman

I am writing to express how moved I was with your performances.  Great insight, courage, and expression.  My heart was pierced and I moved gently into the piercing.  It was a lovely and precious experience of happiness and pain.


Much admiration and gratitude to you all.


Neil Friedenberg

Mother Tongues took my breath away.  From the first words to the last, I was captivated.  These kick-ass women generously share their stories of mothering and, in the process, challenge the audience to reflect on their own experiences.   Don't miss this amazing show.  It will stay with you long after the lights go down.

Andrea W.

The stories were personal, moving & presented with humour and warmth. We cried, laughed  & thought about the play for days reflecting on our own relationship with parenting & motherhood. I highly recommend this play. Thank you writers for sharing your intimate stories … we felt honoured to be in the audience.

Rochelle & Charlie

Each and every story shared during Mother Tongues was extremely personal and deeply moving.

The courage shown by each woman to write, and then intimately and expertly perform their unique story, was truly admirable. 

Congratulations Ladies!


Ilana Leviton

The individual performances of the women & baring of their souls was a memorable experience . One performance  affected me to the core, emotionally & physically & will remain with me for a long time. What a truly remarkable, inspirational group of brave women!!

Deb M.

I loved the stories and found them all moving and enriching, especially hearing them again.
It was a wonderful spectrum of different backgrounds and certainly food for thought.


Thank you!


Esther Chase

The stories and performances were amazing. So personal and heartfelt and touched a place in each of our hearts. It reminded us of what having a mother and being a mother was all about. Thank you for sharing your stories 💕

Nancy Shopsowitz

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Who are Mothers on Ink?

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