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Lindy Hughes Pfeil, MSc


some things about me 

  • My first real job was teaching undergrad English literature. It wasn't nearly as much fun as I thought it might be, though I did learn to wield a red pen with great gusto. (This was in prehistoric times, before the advent of computers and such.)

  • My mother taught me to never be a drama queen. She was an insistent teacher, and I was a "good daughter," so when I tell you that writing my first book, 15 years ago, changed my life, I am not being dramatic. I am simply stating the truth. 

  • I have been rejected by both the circus and the convent. I don't know why.

  • I go barefoot whenever I can. I hear better when my feet are naked. 

  • I view life through the circular lens of restorative practices, and I believe absolutely that if we would all sit around a fire and listen to each other's stories, world peace would be entirely possible. 

  • The thing that brings me the most joy (other than my children finally being independent), is finding the magic in people's stories. 


I am a reviewer/judge for the Nonfiction Authors Association Book Awards. I proudly serve on the North Shore Immigrant Advisory CouncilAnd I am tickled pink to have received the 2018 West Van Citizen of the Year Award. It gave me the opportunity to wear my Batsuit in a parade. 

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